Measuring memory usage of Haskell values — a dive into GHC
Aug 04, 2020
As part of my Google Summer of Code project to add instrumentation to ghcide, I needed to measure the size of Haskell values in memory. After getting blocked by a bug in a GHC primop I fell down a rabbit hole of learning about GHC’s memory layout, C– and making my first contribution to GHC. In this post I want to describe that journey and hopefully encourage some more people to consider contributing to GHC. ...
Adding tracing to ghcide (GSoC project)
May 22, 2020 External Post
I’ve joined Google Summer of Code with! I will be working on adding tracing to ghcide, the core component of haskell-language-server and an IDE component on its own. This is my first post on the project, demonstrating the usefulness of the project and giving an overview of my plan.
Customizable Datatypes
Aug 23, 2019
This post is based on a post here: I suggest reading that post first. It's a very short (but quite interesting) read. I will, however, give a quick summary here. I recently decided to use this pattern on my pet language project, Kima. I had a problem with the number of parameters on my AST type getting out of hand. I have to make multiple changes to it on the way from parsing to interpretation/compilation and so it needs to be heavily parameterized, nodes have to be enabled/disabled, etc. ...
On static sites
Sep 01, 2018
For the past few days I have been working almost exclusively on the site. Starting a new project is always exciting, and so I’m trying to take advantage of that initial momentum as much as possible before it inevitably dies off. Aside from the excitement for design and content of the blog, however, I also really enjoy using the technology that is powering it. That being a static site generator, specifically Pelican. ...
Starting a blog
Aug 21, 2018
Let’s put something up as a first entry shall we? I have been meaning to start this for a while now but I was always hesitant. Do I have anything to say? Even if I do have something, is it really that important? Will anyone really care? Questions I’m sure most other writers have also struggled with. In the end my desire to just get my thoughts written down somewhere just overcame my doubts. ...