About me

Hey there. I’m Mike, hope you like my site.

I’m a third year Imperial College student in Electronic and Information Engineering.

At the moment I’m mostly interested in programming language theory, type theory. I’m currently working on an experimental programming language called Kima, a statically typed language with algebraic effects. From time to time I also dabble in front-end development and enjoy working with static website generators and the JAMstack.

What I know



  • Haskell
  • Python


  • C/C++
  • Javascript
  • Alloy
  • Java
  • C#


  • Scala
  • OCaml

Libraries and Frameworks

What I use

I have been a vim addict for years and don’t believe I will ever recover. After a brief time with VSCode I have become an Emacs convert, even though it’s basically impossible for me to use it without the evil plugin.

I’m also a linux user and feel mostly at home in the command line. I’m familiar with command line git, and also enjoy using unix-y tools to solve small daily problems (I have been working on my sed- and awk-foo recently)

If you’re interested you can also check out my dotfiles.